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HP-710 You're Not Going Dressed Like That!





TITLE: Blue Jean Belly Punch Complete Video COST: $15 ~ 10 MINUTES




Description of HP-710:

Hollywood is lounging around, prepared for a big work day at the beach! She is wearing tight jeans, a blue bikini top, and is looking gorgeous as usual. Hollywood is scolding Michelle as she is taking FOREVER to get ready! When Michelle finally enters the room, Hollywood is not pleased with Michelle's attire. Hollywood demands that Michelle change her outfit! She tells Michelle she is not going anywhere dressed as she is, and in fact, she looks like a whore! Michelle doesn't quite see it that way and refuses to change. Well, Hollywood isn't taking no for an answer, so she starts a punishing belly beatdown of her non-compliant partner! Michelle is totally surprised by the attack and she is reeling from the get go. Hollywood pounds Michelle's soft belly against the wall, on the floor, over the arm of the couch, and everywhere inbetween. Poor Michelle gasps and tries to protect her belly but she gets slaughtered by the experienced pro. In the end, Hollywood gets her way as a brutalized Michelle crawls back to the changing room grasping her battered belly and hoping her next outfit pleases badass Hollywood!!!


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