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HP-703 The Boyfriend





TITLE: The Boyfriend Complete Video COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES




Description of HP-703:

This video starts with both ladies wearing low riding jeans, tank tops and leather jackets.  Goldie wants to know what Hollywood wants.  They circle each other slowly, Hollywood confronts Goldie about her coming on to her boyfriend. And Goldie replies "He's attracted to me." Hollywood says "Let's fist fight and whoever wins can keep The Boyfriend.". Goldie says "Bring it on! I can beat you blindfolded!" When the girls take off their jackets, Goldie's arms get stuck, so Hollywood takes advantage and starts punching Goldie.
Goldie struggles but cannot get free. Hollywood weakens her and throws her to the wall and starts out with face and belly punches to consolidate the advantage.  With Goldie now weakened and doubled over, Hollywood then begins the beat down.  From this point on, Goldie is more or less rag dolled and beaten down. Relentless punches against the wall, Goldie slides down the wall with more punches there, then Hollywood takes her to the floor and continues the onslaught of punches! If you're a fan of one-sided belly punching vids, this clip is for you !!


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