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HP-669 Curvaceous Crusaders "Up The River"



TITLE: Curvaceous Crusaders "Up The River" Complete Video COST: $25 ~ 25 MINUTES





Description of HP-669:

Part 1
Having received intel informing them that the evil henchman Elwood has been promoted to Arch- Villain, our intrepid heroines Wonder Womyn, played by the gorgeous Hollywood and decked out in her famous costume, red boots, cape and gloves, and Wonder Gurl, played by the sultry Francesca Le, equally resplendent in her traditional costume, red boots, cape, and gloves, take off in hot pursuit to bring him in. They track Elwood to his lair and proceed to dispense their own special brand of justice, administering one of their patented superheroine style beat-downs. Elwood manages to give them the slip for a moment, but that only ticks them off even more and they knock him into next week with a double-uppercut to the jaw. Is Elwood down for the count? Don’t bet on it! Stick around to see what happens next!

Part 2
After dispatching Elwood and leaving him unconscious (for the moment) our heroines proceed to look over his books so they have enough evidence to put him away for good. However Elwood has other plans for them, and once he recovers manages to trap and incapacitate the buxom crime busters with powerful jolts of electricity. He then transfers the caped captives to his warehouse, where he strings them up from the rafters and then encases their sexy high–heeled boots in quick-drying cement. Holy concrete boots!  Will they escape this deathtrap or be sent up the river to their doom? Next our heroines track Elwood back to his lair and catch him before he makes his next move. As usual Elwood pays dearly for his evil deeds as the curvy crime fighters take great delight in subjecting him to another session of whoopass, leaving him beaten & battered. However, once again Elwood manages to turn the tables on the unsuspecting maidens of might, taking them down with a concealed can of knock-out gas. What twisted fate could he possibly have in store for them now? 

Part 3
The sultry sirens awake to find themselves secured to tables positioned beneath two powerful heat lamps, which once turned on will slowly cook the delectable duo to an untidy (messy?) demise. Tightly bound boot & glove, they struggle and squirm in an effort to break free. Will our sexy super heroines get out of this ghastly predicament? Or will their succulent bodies be grilled to delicate perfection – rare, medium, or well done? You will just have to tune in to find out! In another scene Elwood is able to get the drop on our unsuspecting heroines and knocks them out cold. They recover in armchairs, bound hand and foot while Elwood describes his next diabolical scheme and gloats about how once again he has managed to gain the upper hand (a case of déjàvu perhaps?) Could it get any worse for the Curvaceous Crusaders? Only time will tell!


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