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HP-662 Attempted Arrest




TITLE: Attempted Arrest Complete Video COST: $26 ~ 26 MINUTES





Description of HP-662:

This video starts out with Sheriff Hollywood discussing with her Deputy (male) how to arrest an escaped convict (Mutiny). Hollywood is wearing skin tight jeans, gun belt and white bikini top while Mutiny is wearing black shorts and a black bikini top. Hollywood decides to sneak around back while the Deputy goes in the front door. Mutiny is ready for the Sheriff and when she enters the living room she KO's the overconfident law officer. Fortunately the Deputy enters and grabs Mutiny while Hollywood revives. After a short 2 on 1 bout, Hollywood KO's Mutiny. After tying the Bad guy up, the Deputy is called away, but leaves a syringe behind because he is concerned about her safety. Mutiny wakes up and taunts Hollywood into accepting her challenge to a fist fight by calling her a chicken (Mutiny has that sexy french accent). She goads Hollywood into untying her and taking her gun belt off (to make it a fair fight). After a long drawn out battle that features two terrifically hot bodies taking a beating with many punches thrown. There are several temporarily KO's during the fight, but each girl recovers to continue the battle. Finally Hollywood KO's Mutiny. It appears Mutiny is finished and Hollywood puts her gun belt on, grabbing a rope. But Mutiny is playing possum. Behind the tired Hollywood's back, she grabs the syringe the Deputy left behind and jabs it into the poor Sheriff's neck. At this point the gorgeous Hollywood is helpless and receives quite a beating. Can she recover and defeat the beautiful but treacherous villain? Or is she beyond hope? Will the Murderer claim another victim? Will the Deputy return in time to save the day? This is a fantastic old west good versus evil battle you won't want to miss.


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