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HP-644 Hollywood vs Sindy in "You Just Got Lucky!"



TITLE: Hollywood vs Sindy in "You Just Got Lucky!" Complete Video COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES





Description of HP-644:

This video is a submissions match as it starts with Hollywood dressed in a black bikini talking about her (Brand-new to Hollywould productions) opponent Sindy and how she's going to kick her ass! Next we pan over to Sindy, wearing a black and white bikini telling us how Hollywood has another thing coming! The bell does not even ring and Hollywood jumps at the chance to attack the voluptuous hard-bodied Sindy! Hollywood goes for several belly punches in the corner right away, followed up by some punishing knees into Sindy's belly & ribs. But Sindy weathers the storm as she escapes and traps Hollywood in a sleeper hold and then slams Hollywood to the ground. Hollywood fights back and throws Sindy back to the ground, then puts her in a vicious body stretch, forcing Sindy to grimace in pain as her sexy body is brutally worked over. Then, a detemined Hollywood clamps a vice like vicious neck scissor on Sindy and attempts to squeeze her into oblivion!!!. These two hotties go back-and-forth with pro holds, camel clutches, sleeper holds, ab stretches, stomach punches, kicks, test of strengths, over the knee holds, hair mares, and painful not-so-nice kicks to the crotch! You name it these girls are doing it! Watch this super hot battle and see which one gets the submission in this brutal match of unrelenting Hotties!!!


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