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HP-586 Wonder Womyn vs The Dream Weaver 2: Just Desserts

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Description of HP-586 Wonder Womyn vs The Dream Weaver2: Just Desserts

In this direct follow-up to Wonder Womyn Vs The DreamWeaver (HP-577), the fiendish phantasm returns to his secret hideaway, dishing on the dreadful deeds he deviously devised to despoil the daring dame’s dreamscape. Ecstatic, yet weary from the mentally grueling encounter, the salacious scoundrel savors the succulent relief of a brief shuteye. But, the DreamWeaver’s in for a rude awakening, as his restful slumber is restlessly intruded upon by the aforementioned heroine herself, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood)! She’s none-too-pleased with the vile villain’s violent violation and more-than-happy to dish out a little slice of comeuppance! What follows is a ferocious flurry of fists and a boisterous beat-down by the fuming female fury, turning the ill-fated evildoer's sweet dream into a nightmare! Real or imagined, payback’s a bitch!

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