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hhhhHP-578 Hollywood vs Bonae



TITLE: Hollywood vs Bonae Complete COST: $7 ~ 6 MINUTES




Description of HP-578:

Hollywood is working on her abs in a sexy black and gold bikini when Bonae walks in, wearing a purple bikini, and confronts Hollywood about using "her mat" to workout. A battle of words ensues until Bonae says, "I'll fight you for the mat." Hollywood immediately accepts and the battle begins with a test of strength. Hollywood wins the test and the beating is on! Hollywood presses her advantage on the newcomer with a leg scissors, stomach punches and a stomach claw. Pressing her advantage, the wily veteran contineus the abuse with some stomach stomps, kidney punches, a slam into the wall and more! The young inexperienced foe doesn't stand a chance and can only scream in pain as she is soundly beaten in holds like the camel clutch, sleeper holds, grapevine, and a few more Watch as Bonae tries to counter Hollywood but soon learns that is takes a lot of skill to bring down one of the best as Hollywood rebuffs her attempt scores a victory in this match.




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