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HP-552 Dark Angel vs Kristiana



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Description of HP-552:

Dark Angel (played by Hollywood in her Iron Cross bikini and black shorts) is looking for some easy cash that can be quickly obtained. She sees an innocent looking girl (Kristiana) sunning herself in a backyard. Kristiana looks "Hot" in a white bikini top, tiny black shorts white knee socks and tennis shoes. Dark Angel thinks to herself, here's some easy cash and holds Kristiana up with her gun. After taking the cash, she sends the "naive" girl into her house. But Kristiana isn't as innocent as she looks. She returns with a syringe and stabs the over confident villain as she sits with a smile on her face in the chair Kristiana left behind, enjoying her ill gotten gains. Dark Angel struggles a little before drifting off into never, never land. As Dark Angel slumbers peacefully (looking like the perfect angel she is) in the chair, the wily Kristiana retrieves her cash and takes the gun. She replaces the bullets with tranquilizer darts. When Dark Angel wakes up, she finds herself staring down a gun barrel, ironically, its her own. When she reaches for her gun, Kristiana fires a dart into her hot gorgeous body. Dark Angel grimaces as she drops to the ground. When Dark Angel wakes up, she is surprised there is no bullet hole. Kristiana laughs and shoots the helpless villain again. This happens several more times. At first when the beautiful bandit awakes, she tries to attack her former victim. When this doesn't work, she tries to get away. But each time, Kristiana just laughs and keeps shooting her with the darts. Can the sexy but careless robber get away? Or does the mischievous "innocent" girl end Dark Angel's robbery spree? Actually, this video clip has a surprise ending that you will not want to miss!!! But you cannot loose as the always hot Hollywood staggers around dazed after being on the receiving end of many, many darts. Nobody plays a woozy and disoriented victim better. And Kristiana truly enjoys taunting our favorite girl.


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