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The Nylon Bandit

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Description of Wonder Womyn & Super Girl vs The Nylon Bandit :

Wonder Womyn and Super Girl have joined forces and meet at the lair of The Nylon Bandit. Their plan is to rescue Jungle Woman and capture The Nylon Bandit. However the Bandit is ready for them and subdues Wonder Womyn with a little help from her magic cloth. The Nylon Bandit removes Wonder Womyn's boots, then begins to kiss and caress her stockinged feet. She plans on making Wonder Womyn one of her slaves, hence joining Jungle and others she has kidnapped. A cautious Super Girl enters the room, but she too falls prey to The Nylon Bandit and finds herself k.o.ed with the Bandit ravaging her feet.
But our gorgeous fav superheroine Wonder Womyn quietly awakens and turns the magic cloth on it's owner, hence leaving The Nylon Bandit out cold and now subjected to payback as the two superheroines admire and tickle her lovely stockinged feet. As The Nylon Vixen comes too, she now finds herself in a very bad predicament as the tow sexy saviors of society begin to work her over. As they attempt locate Jungle Woman, they deliver belly blows, stomps, kicks, punches, stretches, and even more foot torture as The Nylon Bandit whimpers in misery. Super Girl bites and twists The Bandits toes and still no info is revealed. Now, Super Girl pins The bandit down and Wonder Womyn goes to work on her toes. The Bandits cries for mercy are muffled as she is foot smothered by both superheroines at the same time. The Bandit is soon k.o.ed on the floor.

Wonder Womyn leaves and Super Girl rests peacefully on the couch. Soon, the bandit awakens and delivers a double hammerfist into Super Girls abs of steel (ha ha!) But Wonder Womyn comes to the rescue, and now the bandit is double teamed again. After a thrashing, she goes down for the count, and the duo once again move to her feet for further entertainment. They continue this until in a moment of clarity they realize they still haven't located the whereabouts of Jungle Woman! Unfortunately, The Bandit is brought back to consciousness, and the onslaught once again commences. Now they take turns locking the sexy villain into different holds while the other tickles and tortures her vulnerable feet. It probably seems like an eternity to The Bandit as she is subdued with the magic cloth again, then brought to for a further and extended beatdown. The Bandit is held against the wall as the two work her with belly punches. She is throw over the sofa and hammered more. She is thrown about like a toy and stomped on the ground. On and on she is foot smothered. Will she reveal the location of Jungle Woman and the rest of her slaves? Or will the two vivacious superheroines go a little too far and never allow her to divulge the info? OR are these two bodacious babes simply just out of control? Get this exciting video and find out !!! 

Some tickling and lots of foot worship.



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