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HP-315 Attack of The Nylon Bandits


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Description of Attack of The Nylon Bandits:

The Jungle Woman is relaxing in the courtyard in a super sexy leopard print bikini and nylons. As she relaxes, two nylon clad vixens lurk in the background. They ambush the gorgeous glam gal and she is brought under control with the magic cloth. A quick over the shoulder carry delivers an unconscious Jungle Woman indoors as the "Nylon Bandits" admire her stockinged feet. The dastardly duo caresses, kisses, and licks the k.o.ed beauties feet to their hearts content. When Jungle Woman awakens startled, she counterattacks the duo, and starts what looks like a 1 on 2 beatdown. But this becomes short lived, and soon Jungle Woman becomes the recipient of punches, kicks, and stomps to her voluptuous body. A k.o. leads to another foot worship session.
The Jungle Woman awakens once again, and is immediately attacked with an increased vigor by her assailants. Jungle Woman's curvaceous body is punished as she thrashes about begging for mercy. But the Nylon Bandits have an agenda, and they subdue the sexy vixen and go to work on her feet. While one girl enjoys herself with Jungle woman's sexy nyloned feet, the other clamps a sleeperhold on and Jungle Woman is returned to La La Land. The foot worship continues until Jungle Woman comes to. Now the theme has become simultaneous foot manipulation and merciless chokes. This is coupled with one of the evil vixens straddling poor Jungle Woman and working her sculpted abs while trapping her hands so as to prevent her from attempting to protect herself.
When Jungle Woman makes a futile attempt to escape, she is thwarted and pays a heavy price as the Nylon Bandits throw her against the wall and drive hard blows into her belly. To make matters worse, a monstrous low blow sends Jungle Woman crashing to the floor. Now flat on her back, Jungle Woman is subjected to more belly punching and brutal low blows. Next she finds herself struggling to breathe as a nylon clad foot smothers her. More belly work follows, and a double foot smother silences the room.
While one of the deviants takes a water break, the other has quite the time licking and sucking Jungle Woman's toes. When Jungle Woman comes to, she finds herself trapped in a body and neck scissors while the demented duo crash fists into her taunt midsection. More brutality leads to another k.o., and hence another foot worship filled water break.
Despite her pleading, Jungle Woman is then simultaneously foot smother, stretched, and foot worshiped by the delectable deviants. Multiple k.o.'s follow, along with horrendous hammer fists plowed into Jungle Woman's belly. As the Nylon Bandits continue their vendetta, they reveal their plan to capture collect women like Jungle Woman, she having the privilege to be the first in the series. Then, the eccentric evil doers go on a rampage and beatdown their weakened victim, making sure she will remain unconscious. This allows them to have their way with her sexy feet without any interruption.
Finally, a limp and lifeless Jungle Woman is thrown over the shoulder of one of her adversaries and carried out of the room. To where and for what purpose, only the future can reveal!!!



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