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HP-308 Wonder Womyn vs Nylon Vixen Part II

"Up For Bids"


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Nylon Vixen II "Up For Bids":

Wonder Womyn is still at the mercy of sexy villainess The Nylon Vixen as we pick up where HP-294 left us in suspense. Wonder Womyn is restrained and k.o.ed in a chair as The Nylon Vixen broadcasts her defeat of our gorgeous superheroine over the Internet in order to sell her into slavery. The Vixen awakens Wonder Womyn and taunts her with hand smothers, foot tickling of her stockinged feet, and other parts of her perfectly shaped body. Wonder Womyn protests as The Vixen faces the web cam and offers Wonder Womyn up to the highest bidder, yet our sexy superheroine can do nothing more than complain. The Nylon Vixen applies a specially laced face mask on Wonder Womyn and she drifts into never never land.
As Wonder Womyn catches unnecessary beauty sleep, the Nylon Vixen enters the room with her current high bidder. Low and behold, the voluptuous babe explains that Wonder Womyn has caused her much grief in the past and returning from jail, she is more than anxious to pay back her do-gooder foe Wonder Womyn. The Nylon Vixen congratulates the bidder on her new acquisition, and begins to leave the room, but cautions her to not remove the mask or change anything else regarding the perilous situation she has placed poor Wonder Womyn in.
However, as The Vixen leaves, the bidding babe removes the mask and as Wonder Womyn comes to she recognizes her as a superheroine, Catwomyn. But The Nylon Vixen is not a "b" grade villainess and she watches from a distance as she loads a syringe to neutralize the new do-gooding accomplice. After dealing with Catwomyn, The Vixen now hypnotizes Wonder Womyn to use for her own purposes of evil.
Now Wonder Womyn is commanded to remove her boots, then The Vixen orders her to strip Catwomyn, revealing her curvaceous body adorned with black lingerie and black nylons. Now Wonder Womyn is commanded to worship Catwomyn's feet, and she intermittently stomps her sculpted abs to wake her up. Then The Vixen has Wonder Womyn hold Catwomyn as she pounds away. Wonder Womyn and The Vixen proceed to beatdown their victim as she reels in misery. Hand smothers and foot smothers are employed as no mercy is shown. Has Wonder Womyn gone over to the dark side?
Wonder Womyn is now instructed to perform more foot worship as Catwomyn lies unconscious from her beating. Wonder Womyn obeys her master and there is no struggle put forth from their victims' toned, shaped, but helpless body. The Nylon Vixen continues pummel Catwomyn as she tells her she won't bring much in her slave auction seeing the poor shape she is now in. Now, the servant Wonder Womyn assists her master in preparing a magic cloth. Wonder Womyn begins to question her master as The Vixen clamps the cloth over her helpless victim and Catwomyn draws in the tainted air with deep breaths. Now, The Vixen uses more hypnotics to force Catwomyn to slavery, and then clamps the cloth over her mouth. Wonder Womyn is now instructed to place the mask over her own mouth, and she joins Catwomyn in dreamland.
Now, The Nylon Vixen enjoys herself as she worships the k.o.ed superheroines feet. After enjoying her liberties, she removes the mask from Wonder Womyn, then awakens the now hypnotized Catwomyn. As Wonder Womyn lies unconscious, The Nylon Vixen instructs Catwomyn to take her outside and deliver her to the highest bidders. Catwomyn obeys as she lifts and carries Wonder Womyn to deposit her into the hands of the unknown!!! Stay tuned as we await the undetermined fate of our gorgeous superheroine Wonder Womyn!!!



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