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HP-271 The Bait




TITLE: The Bait Complete Video COST: $25 ~ 25 MINUTES




Description of HP-271:

Hollywood is a professional thief (dressed in a black bikini top, tights, gloves and boots, looking fantastic as always!) out to steal a valuable gold coin from Christine Dupree (in  jeans and a T-shirt). She hires a “naïve” girl (Stacy Burke) to help her find the coin. Stacy is dressed in a cute sailor’s outfit (bikini top and short skirt). Hollywood provides Stacy with a “back-up plan” (a syringe) in case things go wrong. She sends Stacy in to find the coin while she waits outside. Stacy is able to find the coin but unfortunately Christine figures out what is going on and drugs Stacy. When Stacy fails to return, Hollywood enters the house with her gun drawn and forces Christine to show her where Stacy is. Taking her to the bedroom where Stacy is lying unconscious, Hollywood becomes distracted trying to wake Stacy up. Christine, taking advantage, knocks the gun out of her hand and KO’s her in a short struggle. Christine then carries Hollywood into the living room and starts to tie her up. At this point, Stacy wakes up, enters the living room upon seeing Christine tying Hollywood up, clobbers her, knocking her out. After waking Hollywood up, the two would be crooks proceed to find the gold coin. Before they can get away, Christine wakes up and attacks Hollywood as Stacy watches. Quickly overcoming Hollywood and KO’ing her, Christine leads Stacy into the living room to have a little “fun” with her. She gets Stacy to dance and sweet talks her into betraying Hollywood. When Hollywood enters the living room with her gun drawn, mad as can be, she tells Stacy to get the syringe to put Christine away for good. However, when Stacy returns, she stabs the trusting Hollywood instead of nailing Christine!! Now Hollywood is in for a rough time as Christine and Stacy gang up on her. One holds her as the other pummels the helpless thief’s gorgeous abs!!! Will Christine turn on Stacy? Is Hollywood doomed. There is much more to this video than what is mentioned above!


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