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HP-257B Guarding The Crystal Cross Part 2




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Description of HP-257B:

If you will recall, in Part I Hollywood, Francesca, Yvonne and Coral are fighting over the “Crystal Cross”. As a very tired Hollywood (Police outfit) is starting to tie up Coral after a tough fight, Coral’s partner, Yvonne enters the room. She slams Hollywood across the back of the head. The stunned Hollywood falls across Coral. But when Yvonne tries to grab her, Hollywood rallies and slams Yvonne in her taut stomach. Now Yvonne is in trouble as Hollywood is able to throw her around the room, showering her with punches. Hollywood finally KO’s Yvonne. Now Hollywood is really beat. She manages to tie Yvonne up but Francesca returns and KO’s Hollywood. Francesca grabs the bag and leaves with the “Crystal Cross”. Of the three unconscious beauties, Coral is the first to wake up. She pushes Hollywood to the floor and wakes up Yvonne. The two cowgirls tie up the helpless Hollywood slugging her a few times, making sure she is finished. Then they head out after Francesca. and find her in the bedroom. Even though they have the drop on her, Francesca manages to KO both of them. As Francesca leaves to check on Hollywood, Yvonne wakes up and hides. After punching the helpless Hollywood just for fun, Francesca returns to the bedroom. As she starts to tie Coral up, Yvonne grabs her. All the commotion wakes Coral up and now Francesca is in deep trouble. Can she escape from the two Cowgirls a second time? Or will the Cowgirls, still working as a team prevail? Does poor Hollywood, despite her early domination, recover from her beatings, arise and surprise everyone? Can Coral and Yvonne remain partners long enough to get away with the “Crystal Cross”? All four girls look super hot in outfits that truly show off their gorgeous attributes. You don’t want to miss the ending!!!


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