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TITLE: The Queen of The Ring 2 Part 1 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: The Queen of The Ring 2 Part 2 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: The Queen of The Ring 2 Complete Video COST: $16 ~ 16 MINUTES




Description of HP-1089:

Hollywood is ringside and she is reading an article in Girl Wrestling Magazine that showcases "The Queen of The Ring" as being Stacy Burke. Hollywood is livid!!! In the interview Stacy brags about her staggering victory when she beat down Hollywood using various "tools", including some brass knuckles. Hollywood is enraged! She calls Stacy and demands a rematch! The rules will be No Holds Barred Death Match! Hollywood vows to show Stacy a few of her own "Tools"...

Next we find Stacy ringside, in all her glory. She is laughing and wielding her septre, which she intends to use to pummel Hollywood. Stacy flips through the pages of the magazine and scoffs at Hollywood as she recalls the brutal punishment she dished out in their private Queen of The Ring match. Stacy is so overconfident it is actually embarassing. She tells Hollywood over the phone that she will be glad to destroy her again...

The two ladies arrive at the ring and there is immediate friction and words are exchanged. The match begins with a fingerlock test of strength, and Hollywood gains the advantage. But Stacy counters by grabbing Hollywood's throat and choking her! Hollywood complains Stacy is cheating but...there are NO rules!!! Stacy takes the opportunity to grab the brass knuckles and she slams them into Hollywood's head to stagger our gorgeous queen. Next, Stacy applies a rear naked choke and Hollywood squeals as Stacy drives the brass knuckles into her neck. Hollywood is able to break the hold and fights back. Both ladies do not hesitate to punish their opponent with the available "tools"! The two ladies grapple and apply various limb wrenching holds to their opponent, but Stacy is able to repeatedly grab the brass knuckles and she once again staggers poor Hollywood with a hard blow to the head! Stacy brutalizes our fav gal and when Hollywood is down on the mats Stacy pounces on her with a massive knee to the crotch! Hollywood is hurt and groveling on the mat! Can she recover and re-establish herself as Queen of The Ring? Or does Stacy finish her off and continue her disgusting self promotion? Get this video and find out!!!



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