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hhhhHP-1065 Detective Hollywood Mauled



TITLE: Detective Hollywood Mauled Part 1 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: Detective Hollywood Mauled Part 2 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: Detective Hollywood Mauled Part 3 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: Detective Hollywood Mauled Complete Video COST: $25 ~ 25 MINUTES





Description of HP-1065:

Detective Hollywood has discovered what she feels is the secret lair of a demented scientist. The psychotic suspect has been known to use a concocted serum to create dangerous animals with superhuman strength! While Detective Hollywood cases the joint, two performance enhanced gorillas make known their presence. Detective Hollywood realizes the dire straits she is in, but before she can even attempt an escape, the massive beasts go on the attack! These creatures are strong enough in their normal state, but with the serum enhancement their brutal strength is increased ten fold! They begin to pummel poor Detective Hollywood with brutal blows to the midsection. They punch her in the face and about the rest of her lithe body! The brutes doubleteam her: one holds Detective Hollywood in a defenseless position while the other delivers crippling blows! Detective Hollywood makes desperate attempts to fight back, even using the sharp point of one of her shoes. But the deadly primates quickly turn the tables on every occasion and seemly increase the level of their brutality, even swinging her and slamming her into the wall! Detective Hollywood is subjected to brutal joint locks and choked and smothered mercilessly! No telling how long this horrible beatdown could have lasted. But the hairy beasts ultimately leave their victim defeated and in a helpless state of agony, hopefully to fight another day!!!



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