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hhhhHP-1057 Hollywood vs Dolce



TITLE: Hollywood vs Dolce Part 1 COST: $5 ~ 5 MINUTES

TITLE: Hollywood vs Dolce Part 2 COST: $5 ~ 5 MINUTES

TITLE: Hollywood vs Dolce Complete Video COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES




Description of HP-1057:

Hollywood is approached on the mats by bodacious vixen Dolce. Apparently Dolce is not too familiar with Hollywood's wrestling ability and she makes sarcastic & condescending remarks about Hollywood basically being a "glam" chick. Big mistake. Hollywood strolls & circles on the mat, wowing in her tiny bikini and looking both confident & annoyed. The two lock up in a Test of Strength. Hollywood takes note that Dolce is pretty strong, but it doesn't stop her from delivering a few brutal kicks to the unsuspecting lass! Dolce gets thrown to the mats and Hollywood begins a thorough beatdown as she delivers a variety of strikes to the body. Next, Hollywood applies some vicious holds on her pleading victim. Dolce has changed her tone as she begs for mercy. At one point, Dolce is trying to negotiate a compromise and Hollywood simply handsmothers her mouthy foe! Dolce makes a few futile attempts to fight back, but it doesn't stop our gorgeous grappler Hollywood from putting on a little wrestling holds clinic to silence the smartmouth. Just for good measure, Hollywood throws in some belly punching, and she is kind enough to explain some of the holds as Dolce begs for leniency! In the end, Dolce is silenced with a nice tight sleeperhold. Most likely this should teach newbies to respect the Legend!!!



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