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TITLE: Mob Wife Revenge Part 1 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: Mob Wife Revenge Part 2 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: Mob Wife Revenge Part 3 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: Mob Wife Revenge Complete Video COST: $25 ~ 25 MINUTES

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Description of HP-1048:

Wonder Womyn has captured the Mob Boss and all of his thugs and sent them to the Big House. She has one criminal yet to be prosecuted, and that is the Mob Wife. Wonder Womyn catches up to the devious vixen and gives her a choice: Surrender or face the incredible power of Wonder Womyn! Well, the Mob Wife is no pushover. She flexes her mighty biceps and is ready to throw down! The two engage in combat and Wonder Womyn enjoys her dominance as she subjects the Mob Wife to crushing scissors, wicked arm bars, and other weapons in her superheroine aresenal! But the Mob Wife has no intention of going to prison. She indeed controls the Family and she got there by being a badass! Soon, Wonder Womyn finds herself in peril! The Mob Wife gives her a beatdown extraordinaire! Wonder Womyn pleads with the Mob Wife as she is beaten, choked, and thrown about. A vicious sleeper keeps Wonder Womyn at bay while the Mob Wife continues her felonious assault. Will Wonder Womyn survive??? Or does the Mob Wife rally her troops to continue their criminal ways? Get this hot Wonder Womyn video and find out!!!



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