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TITLE: Birthday Body Beating Part 1 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Birthday Body Beating Part 2 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Birthday Body Beating Part 3 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Birthday Body Beating Complete Video COST: $30 ~ 30 MINUTES




Description of HP-1036:

It’s Jennifer Thomas’s special day and Duncan decides to surprise her by giving her the chance to do what she loves most - decimating Hollywood.  Duncan leads her into the ring room in a blindfold and she responds with joy when she realizes that the woman currently being destroyed in the ring is her all-time favorite victim.  Holly looks ravishing in a pink bikini and cleave gag, but she is already in rough shape as her hands are tied to the bottom rope and her stomach is being brutally pounded by pro wrestler, El Gato.  As El Gato punches away, Duncan reveals that he had “rented” Holly to a bunch of Rams players as the entertainment for a bachelor party and that they had spent the whole prior evening working her over.  Delighted that her plaything is already exhausted and weakened, Jen takes over the stomach destruction before the three of them take damaging turns on Holly’s crotch.

Holly gets the briefest of rests before she has her head repeatedly smashed into a turnbuckle and pounded with elbows and clubs, mixed with some good old-fashioned face punching.  Jen tries to choke her out, but Duncan shows her that the best way to do that is to scissor her neck while others pound her solar plexus.  Holly gets no time to recover as she is tazed and then immediately pulled to her feet and the guys hold her between them and continue working over her midsection and then her face when she falls to her knees.  Holly is run through a destructive gauntlet of being folded in half, draped over the top rope and placed in a muscle-popping back breaker (among other poses) so that her legs, ass, back, kidneys and stomach can be brutalized by the trio.

Next Holly is brought to the ring’s edge where Jen and Duncan destroy her feet from outside while El Gato continues working on her abs and face inside.  They rotate her so that Jen gets some face time while the two men keep destroying her body.  There is even a segment that shows how this epic beating looks through Holly’s pain-wracked eyes.  They work on her some more when Duncan decides to call it.  However, he is easily swayed by Jen’s argument that an even better birthday gift would be for Jen to take Holly home for some more destructive fun before Holly begins another extended hospital stay.  The guys happily tie up Jen’s gift and load her into the car so that Holly’s long day of suffering can continue.

Holly’s perfect, chiseled body takes another profound beatdown in this one as Jen’s birthday surprise is one they all will remember for some time. Considering the fun Jen had in dishing out this abuse, it is frightening to imagine what’s in store for Holly when Jen gets her home.  However, fans of Holly and Jen will not need to use their imaginations for long as that video will be coming soon.



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