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TITLE: The Competition Challenge Part 1 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: The Competition Challenge Part 2 COST: $7 ~ 7 MINUTES

TITLE: The Competition Challenge Complete Video COST: $15 ~ 15 MINUTES

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Description of HP-1021:

It appears the intense rivalry between Hollywood & Jennifer Thomas may never end. Jennifer is impatiently waiting for Hollywood when our gorgeous fav bursts into the room! The two ladies banter back and forth and Hollywood proposes a little competition: Each lady will put the other in a hold and if it can be broken, then the person breaking the hold wins. Jennifer feels that this is ludicrous and that she will be the victor in about a minute. Unfortunately for Jennifer, this is not the case! Hollywood soon puts Jennifer in a tight full nelson and puts the lovely lady to sleep! Next up is Jennifer, but Hollywood is able to escape. Hollywood then snatches up Jennifer and sends her to La La Land! Jennifer is reeling but she tries in vain to conquer her sexy opponent but things are not going her way! Hollywood sneaks in a few of her bad girl techniques which include a nasty bite! Ultimately, Hollywood shines through as the winner and she proudly flashes a muscle victory pose over her fallen victim!



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