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TITLE: Sorry Not Sorry Part 1 COST: $5 ~ 5 MINUTES

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Description of HP-1011:

Wonder Womyn comes charging into the room and she is pissed! For some reason, she completely ignores the fact that her arch rival Catwomyn is lounging in one of her chairs! Wonder Womyn is ranting that their are no snacks to be found and she can't make any cocktails either! Catwomyn skoffs at her and makes sarcastic remarks. Rather than take down this feline villain, Wonder Womyn decides she is going shopping for food & drink. WTF??? She scolds Catwomyn and tells her not to tear up her place and to keep it clean, then she is off to shop...

As Catwomyn purrs about, BatGyrl shows up! She is aghast that a rival villain is in her friend's home and she is going to make sure that Wonder Womyn is not ambushed! Suddenly, all hell breaks loose and the claws come out! (Literally!!!) The two vixens go at it. Strikes, chokes, throws, scissors...it gets ugly! All the while, the two trash talk one another. These ladies are determined to prevail, but after a long catfight, Wonder Womyn reappears. And once again, Wonder Womyn is oblivious to Catwomyn's presence? The two combatants continue to argue, but Wonder Womyn breaks things up. Wonder Womyn then explains to BatGyrl that Catwomyn is now her FRIEND. Well that certainly explains things, but it doesn't smooth things over between the cat & the bat. Wonder Womyn insists that the ladies have a cocktail, but she is quite irritated with all of the chaos and storms out of the room!!!



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