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hhhhHP-1006 SuperHeroines Unmasked



TITLE: SuperHeroines Unmasked Part 1 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: SuperHeroines Unmasked Part 2 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: SuperHeroines Unmasked Complete Video COST: $17 ~ 17 MINUTES




Description of HP-1006:

Bat Womyn (played by the glamorous Hollywood) and Bat Gurl (played by the spunky Stacy Burke) enter the villain’s lair and encounter the bad guys.  They proceed to beat up the conniving cowards, thrashing them about until the two thugs have enough and flee the building. The virtuous vixens take off in pursuit, tracking them into another room but the villains seem to have vanished.  As Bat Womyn and Bat Gurl look around the bad guys jump them and the fight resumes. This time the bad guys win, as Bat Womyn is taken down with a lucky blow to the head and Bat Gurl is overpowered and captured.  
Bat Womyn and Bat Gurl are carried into another room and tied to chairs. The henchmen then attach mind erase devices attached to their heads. The boss explains that the mind erase device will short circuit their brains and allow them to be re-programmed any way the conniving crooks want.  The caped captives are then jolted with electricity as the device is activated. Will our intrepid heroines have their minds permanently erased by this dastardly device? I hope not!

The Maidens of Might catch up to the fleeing felons and dispense another batch of whoop-ass on the bumbling buffoons. They toss the bad guys about until the sniveling sneaks give them the slip and flee in opposite directions.  One crook makes a wrong turn and is confronted by Bat Gurl. She starts to beat him up when he manages to spray sneezing powder in her face.  Temporarily incapacitated, our helpless heroine sneezes away, allowing the thug  to grab her and secure her to the wall with a set of restraints.  At the other end of the room Bat Womyn has the other villain backed into a corner when the first one sneaks up behind her and clocks her from behind. Momentarily stunned by the blow, Bat Womyn is grabbed by the henchmen and carried across the room, where she too is secured to the wall and joins her partner in captivity.  The bad guys decide to unmask the heroines and stream it on the AVVN (Arch Villain Video Network) with their cell phones.  Can it be?  Our caped crime-busters to have their identities revealed to the world? And worse yet on a second-rate network! Let’s find out!


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