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HP-052 Six Pack of Mayhem




TITLE: Six Pack of Mayhem Complete Video COST: $30 ~ 30 MINUTES




Description of HP-052:

Tanya Danielle, Hollywood, Hurricane Havana vs Stacy Burke, Liz Lightspeed and Candi. Put six beauties in a ring at the same time, turn them loose on one another, and you get a six pack of mayhem! This six girl tag match is a best of seven falls match, and it takes all seven to decide a winner in this wild match! The referee certainly has his hands full trying to keep things under control with only two girls in the ring at time, keeping himself from harms way, as five of these lovely ladies want nothing more than to hurt him badly! Plus the other is in the just to flirt with him and keep his mind off of his task at hand, which is keeping order in the ring.
This one has it all, one on one action, two on one action, and violent three on one action. PLUS even some wild mayhem when all 6 girls get in the ring at once to do battle! The fur really flies in this one, as do the bikini tops!! Big egos are left trounced as some of the big headed girls take incredible beatings in this wild match up! Which team will exit the ring the victors, and who gets the spoils? Find out as you watch this one unfold. BUT hang onto the edge of your seat as it is nonstop action throughout this battle, as something wild is always going on in it! Don't miss out as this one !!




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