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HP-040 Slippery When Wet!




TITLE: Slippery When Wet Complete Video COST: $32 ~ 32 MINUTES




Description of HP-040:

This action packed video begins, with Stacy and Hollywood relaxing outside talking on a hot summer day. Stacy begins boasting how good of a wrestler she's become. Hollywood laughs and decides they should take it to the mats to see who's better. Stacy graciously accepts Hollywood's challenge, but decides to add some stipulations to the match. She calls for a 5 fall match, AND the winner of each fall gets to administer the water torture of her choice to the loser. Ok, this is sounding interesting, water torture??
Well off to the mats they go, but after each fall they come outside for the winner to have some fun! Super Soakers are used, buckets of water, and even water balloons! Half way through, Jewell shows up to referee this wild battle. As you can imagine, it doesn't take long before she's soaking wet and drug into the action too! It also doesn't take long before all 3 end up in the pool wrestling in there. You've gotta see this wild video. There's no friends here as they all go at it with each other, dunking, splashing and just getting wild.



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