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HP-025 Agent Hollywood vs Lisa


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Description of Agent Hollywood vs Lisa:

This video release is a treat for our Foot Fetish fans.  Lisa returns in this mystery thriller that features some of the best foot action you have ever seen in a Hollywould Productions video.

Lisa arrives home from abroad, and is chatting away on her cell phone about her latest illegal activities, never once spotting Agent Hollywood whom is hot on her trail the whole time.  Lisa walks around her home, inside and outside, strutting her stuff or lounging around in different sexy outfits, as the camera closes in for some extended shots of her tootsies.

Agent Hollywood finally builds up enough of a case file against Lisa, and closes in on Lisa for the arrest!  As you can probably guess, Agent Hollywood has an unorthodox method for "subduing her suspect.  We don't want to give away too much of the video here, but let's just say you will be treated to an interesting mixture of bondage and foot fantasy.

Although this video does not feature any catfighting or wrestling, we are sure you will get a kick (get it?) from it!


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