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HP-022 Sue Sexton vs Casey (Special Referee Hollywood)




TITLE: Sue Sexton vs Casey Complete Video COST: $33 ~ 33 MINUTES




Description of HP-022:

Pro style ring action returns once again to Hollywould Productions! This time it's Casey making yet another appearance for HP, and this time she faces the legendary, Sue Sexton! The company owner, the one and only, Hollywood, is out for revenge for her recent loss to Casey, and she's slated herself in as the special referee for this battle. Casey has the odds stacked against her in this battle. Taking on Sue Sexton is tough enough as it is! But, add in a referee out for your blood into the mix, and it being the ever so evil Hollywood as that ref, and you are in serious trouble! Casey is no slouch inside the squared circle though, and can work her way around a ring well. Well enough to be victorious though? Time will tell on that! These two veterans go at it at fast pace, and deliver all your favorite moves to one another. Drop kicks, leg drops, flying mares, you name it, they do it. However, it isn't long before the referees role in all of this begins to play a significant part in it all. Any underhanded thing Sue does to Casey, is blatantly ignored by Hollywood. Who even makes phone calls on her cell during such activity. The boss even gets in there and delivers damage to Casey's body any chance she gets! All of which clearly making this a handicap match for Casey. Cleo has to suffer and interview everyone afterwards, and needless to say, some are NOT going to be happy at all during their interviews! Can Casey overcome all of this, or will Hollywood get her way, and see to it that Casey pays ever so dearly for beating her last time? You wont want to miss a second of all this wild action to find out the answers.


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