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HP-018 Voo Doo Dolls II




TITLE: Voo Doo Dolls II Complete Video COST: $30 ~ 30 MINUTES




Description of HP-018:

Due to popular demand of our first successful Voodoo Dolls release last year that featured Tanya Danielle and Stacy Burke, we are proud to announce the release of its sequel. This time around Tanya Danielle brings along her exotic looking lover (well, ex-lover as you will find out). It seems Tanya's girlfriend is looking to move on, and is not too shy on showing her the road the hard way.Angered, beaten, and dejected, Tanya schemes up a plot of revenge and visits Papa Cleo to make up a new Voodoo Doll! Tanya shows up at her ex's place, armed with Papa Cleo and his dolls, looking to settle the score! Tanya's ex soon learns the power of Papa Cleo's "magic" as she is helplessly disabled and the subject of Tanya's brutal attack. The blond she-devil delights in her one-sided pounding as both ladies soon find themselves stripped down to only their tiny g-strings. Facesitting, belly punching, hairpulling, and even some crotch attacks are served up on the Papa Cleo's voodoo menu of torture. Far be it for him to leave it as a one-sided beating, as the tide of the bout all of a sudden changes and Tanya is forced to suffer some abuse as well! When all is resolved in the end, two battered combatants have a little surprise for their puppeteer. For all those fans that clamored for more after the release of Voodoo Dolls 1, you will not want to miss this great sequel. For those that missed out on the first, you will still want to check out this release, as the great action and hot ladies make it a stand alone "must have" release as well!!!


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