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hhhhDMP-076 Wonder Womyn The Giantess Part 2

TITLE: Wonder Womyn The Giantess Part 2 Full Video COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES



Description of DMP -076:

Wonder Womyn the Giantess is returning from another exhausting day of crimefighting. She enters her room and begins to shed her Wonder Womyn attire. Off come the boots, the gloves, and the magic lasso. She hears something and voila, you've been discovered! Wonder Womyn removes you from the drawer. She remembers you...very well. At first, she seems very friendly, but then it becomes apparent that she is not too happy that you are still following her! Wonder Womyn picks you up and puts you down the front of her top. But you fall off! She places you back there for a bit. Then, Wonder Womyn decides that she will have her fun with you! You get tied up with the magic lasso, smothered with her head band, and...uh oh...she wonders if she can suck you up with a tiny syringe!!! What other devious punishments can Wonder Womyn the Giantess subject you to??? Get this video and find out!!!


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